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I am Kaveri Bhatia, owner and designer at Kkreations.

I specialize in Yarn Handicrafts, mainly crochet and macrame. I've done my MA in Design from Goldsmiths University of London(UK) and graduation in Product Design from MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design, Pune(India). I am also a professional Dance Artist and Choreographer. I love cats, chocolates, cleaning and creative activities and I strongly believe that exploration

and learning should never stop for growth of 

a creative and healthy mind.


I along with my mother, Jyoti Bhatia, created Kkreations to feed our soul and cater to many others who are as passionate as we are for creating, learning and exploring various traditional crafts and healthy lifestyle habits. My mother specializes in knitting, painting, gardening and healthy cooking. She has done her masters in clothing and textiles and she believes the greatest gain is in spreading knowledge and happiness. She loves to keep her surroundings green and I love to keep it clean, so we are a great team ;)

Together, we are proficient in many handicrafts

and activities like

braiding & rope crafts, crochet, macrame, hand knitting, sewing, hand embroidery, paper crafts, needle punching, paper mache, upcycling, DIY crafts, gardening, fitness, healthy cooking, painting and many more.

We like to keep learning and adding new crafts

to our skills library.

Our mantra to creation is -

"to create with functions, aesthetics and traditions"

Kkreations envisions to bring the handicrafts to rise and get them the recognition and esteem they deserve for the rich cultural background they have. We conduct a variety of craft workshops. We also have finished handmade products for purchase and customization service available. Currently we do fashion accessories and small home decor items but we will soon go large scale and work on yarn handicraft installation projects as well. We are trying to use more and more natural materials instead or synthetic ones to be more environment friendly, so please support us in doing the same when you place your orders. :)

 We focus on the mindfulness in hand skills and sensing the calmness in our surroundings. Though our blogs, products and workshops, we try to indulge in activities that reconnect us with ourselves and the nature.

Being completely labour intensive work, a lot goes behind handcrafting a product - from designing, to procuring the right materials, and to producing it with a lot of thought, effort, time and love. Since each item is made unique, there is always a story behind a hand made product. Love Handmade Always. <3


Thanks for reading!

Much Love xoxo Kkreations