Homemade Organic Shampoo

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Hello! As I am trying to shift more towards healthy habits for myself and our environment, I tried to make my own shampoo at home to avoid all the harsh chemicals going into the water and on my body and also to stop consuming more and more plastic bottles that don't really reach the recycling centers(most of them aren't even recyclable). So I made this organic shampoo at home and stored it in a reusable container. I've been making and using it every week for past few months to wash my hair and it works perfectly for me. :)

Here is how I did it -

When I made my first batch, I just sieved it with a kitchen apparatus and there were grains left in my shampoo concentrate which made it a little hard for me to remove from my hair. For my next batch, I sieved in a thin cloth and was able to get a good no-grainy batch which worked for me nicely and I have been making my shampoo with this cloth method thereafter. So you can try using different sieves to see what works for you best.

Another challenge that I faced in the beginning was with one batch that I made, my hair felt sticky even after the wash. So I experimented and realised that I had put less of the soapnuts(reetha) in it. Since Soapnuts are majorly responsible for the cleaning, I just made a little soapnut water and mixed it in this batch and my hair wash was great with it then. So you can take this recipe as a base and then experiment a few times with the quantity of each ingredient you put to get the right proportion of ingredients for your hair type.

I love making this organic shampoo at home myself because there is no waste left behind and our hair and scalp get all the natural goodness. I also automatically contribute less to plastic pollution as I completely eliminate the buying of packaged plastic shampoo bottles. All my ingredients are sourced from a small local shop in my own cloth bags.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Kaveri Bhatia



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